As the Founder of Beyond the Sale™ and someone who has suffered from occupational burnout, I invite you to join our community of real estate professionals that have decided to #LiveBeyond. This decision comes with the ability to choose health and well-being over your career, over your clients, and over a paycheck. This, in turn, leads to a more productive workflow, a more present interaction with your clients, and an overall sense of fulfillment and happiness in your career.  

It is not only my goal, but what I see as part of my life's purpose, to connect hardworking professionals to resources that will support their physical, emotional, and mental wellness. There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in an unhealthy routine and watching that manifest into your everyday life. 

Marketing + Writing Beginnings


During college, I started work as a Freelance Writer for various publications. While I loved writing - and still do - I realized that I wanted to take my career in a direction that would allow me to use my creativity on multiple levels. After graduating from Illinois State University in 2008, I ventured in to Marketing and knew that would be better suited for the goals that I had. This new career of mine lasted just two quick years as The Great Recession settled in. I found myself back on the job hunt - just like everyone else! 

Transition to Real Estate


While The Great Recession led many away from real estate, it led me to it. I was working for free just to continue building my resume when I found a part-time job in the marketing department at a large real estate brokerage. I quickly moved to full-time and as they say, the rest is history. I fell in love with the real estate industry and decided to get my license. I went on to work as a licensed assistant, then to continue building my skills as an agent with a development company, then out on my own. 

Career Burnout Ensues 


Everyone will tell you that when you're first starting your career as a solo agent "the first 3 years are the hardest". I'm never one to let hard work scare me, so I went full steam ahead. I operated on very little sleep, a poor eating schedule, and a pretty steady stream of stress for that first few years, but I was successful in my own right. I sold 2 homes within the first 60 days of being a solo agent and sold over $1 million in my first year. I went on to consistently increase my sales every year. Eventually, the lack of work/life balance caught up with me and I started to lose steam. My health took a dive while stress took a rise. By the time I decided that I couldn't continue operating at the pace I had been, I was already completely fizzled out. 

Beyond the Sale is Born 


When I realized that I was, in fact, experiencing occupational burnout, I decided that I needed a retreat. Something to help me rejuvenate and reset my mindset. I looked for a retreat that would allow me to connect with other real estate professionals experiencing the same thing, but I found nothing. What I found was the standard conference that will tell you how to get more leads, how to make more money, how to do "more" in general. So, I took a 2-week vacation and decided that I would create my own version of a wellness retreat, specifically for real estate professionals. Three months later, the first summit launched. 

Maintaining Wellness


Creating the wellness and real estate summit was not a miracle cure for the burnout I experienced. It was a way for me to bring together like-minded real estate professionals. To create a space to talk freely about the stress our career can create and the lifestyles we live. To provide resources that may help others in the industry come out of or prevent burnout. My wellness journey is a constant work in progress - and getting better every day. 

‘‘We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are’’

Beyond the Sale™

We love to connect and work with our #LiveBeyond community! Reach out any time with questions or feedback. 

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