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Plant Your Seeds Now: How You Can Utilize This Uncertain Time to Your Advantage

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Stepping into week five of the Stay at Home order has been challenging for everyone. Our lives have taken a pause and many of us are under a lot of stress wondering when things will resume to normalcy. If you’re fortunate to work from home, consider it a blessing.

If you’re a first responder, we are indebted to you and appreciate your heroic, selfless acts.

Since we're all in this together, I wanted to share how you can utilize this uncertain time to your advantage. Here are five tips that will help you activate your inner power, grow through what you go through, and decompress from the effects of this pandemic:

1. Health is important: Sleep, water, and exercise are a winning combo. Sleep is instrumental when our bodies are in shock. Water keeps you hydrated and balances your systems. Exercise helps reduce anxiety and stress and right now, studios are offering free on-line classes and generous free trials.

  • Core Power Yoga: Meditation and yoga classes available on demand and live on its YouTube channel.

  • Planet Fitness: Free daily class at 6p.m CT on its Facebook Live Page.

  • Peloton App: Offering a 90-day free trial (sign up before April 30th). Benefit from guided meditation, cycling, yoga, running, strength, HIIT & stretching workouts.

2. Make yourself a priority: Self-care is essential. Set an hour aside daily and do what makes you happy. Listen to your favorite music, cook your favorite meal, enjoy nature, video chat with your friends and family. Diffuse your favorite essential oil and write in your journal. Take advantage of this time to put yourself first. After all, we cannot attend to others if our emotional well-being isn’t aligned.

3. Find peace: Reconnect with yourself and the community.

  • Read The Four Agreements. A book of wisdom that will guide you to personal freedom and dig deeper into your source of joy. Author: Don Miguel Ruiz.

  • Watch the HEAL Documentary on Netflix. This extraordinary documentary explores the science and spirituality behind the body’s natural defense to healing from stress and trauma.

  • Spread the love by helping our first responders with a kind gesture. Form a group and take the #helpingheroeschallenge. Contact your local hospital and find out how you can make a difference by catering food to medical staff.

4. Stay positive: Create your own story. A quarantine lifestyle can put a damper on your routine and form a sense of seclusion leading to unanswered questions professionally. Embrace this opportunity to focus on your goals. Produce or revisit your business plan. Sharpen the next three quarters of the year. Write with intention and gratitude. Give yourself deadlines and stick to them. Listen to a motivational podcast. My go to is Jenna Kutcher, host of Goal Digger Podcast.

You have to nourish it to flourish it!

5. Get organized: Spring cleaning is a great refresher. An organized home makes for an organized mind. Utilize this idle time to purge.

  • Eliminate clothing items and shoes you no longer wear.

  • Declutter bedroom dresser(s), bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

  • Create a comfortable space for your home office. Office Depot is offering next business day delivery for qualifying items and curbside pickup.

Commit to these tips with purpose and they will deliver all the luxury goodness you deserve.

Be well and stay safe,



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Sheyla Padilla is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and entrepreneur in Chicago, IL. She has 15 years experience in the Real Estate industry and enjoys helping her clients achieve homeownership and strategically assists sellers to accomplish a successful sale. Sheyla's passion is construction, where she focuses on building economic development and providing quality homes in Chicago's distressed neighborhoods.

The Solace Series is a series of videos, interviews, and blog posts running on our social platforms, as well as, our website and aims to provide information, advice, and strategies to work through this time of crisis - in your business and your personal life.

This is made possible by contributors from our community. If you're interested in being involved, please reach out at hello@livebeyondthesale.com.

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