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Providing the real estate industry with key tools + strategies to blast burnout and boost business. Virtual and in-person presentations available.

Why work with
Beyond the Sale?

This is the only source for all-things wellness in real estate. With proper burnout prevention, recovery and wellness strategies in place, your agents will be set up for a lasting career in the real estate industry.

Sustainable business model

Physical and mental well-being

Self-care strategies

Better work-life balance

Mindfulness techniques

Time management skills

Burnout prevention + recovery

Improve productivity 

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The Burnout Prevention 
Plan Workshop

Do you complete a yearly business plan? If so, do you include self-care and wellness goals in addition to business goals? During this workshop, you'll learn how to balance your day in a healthier way while improving your overall productivity. If you're looking to boost your business and quality of life, you won't want to miss this!

  • How to properly identify burnout.

  • The difference between productivity and busyness. 

  • The importance of incorporating wellness strategies into a business. 

  • Five key areas of self-care that can help improve overall business.

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs. 

  • Guidance through developing a burnout prevention plan. 


Burnout Prevention Workshop

Identifying Burnout As A Real Estate Professional

As a real estate agent, you have many roles aside from just helping your clients buy or sell a home - you are running a business. To keep that business afloat, you have to take on the roles of marketer, lead generator, sales coordinator, and more - all while still trying to be present in your personal life. This presentation will help you understand how to identify burnout warning signs and use key tools and strategies to maintain a healthy balance in your life and business.

  • Understand what burnout is and how it relates to the real estate industry. 

  • Identify your own limiting beliefs. 

  • Learn how to identify burnout in yourself and your business. 

  • Learn five key areas of self-care. 

  • Simple strategies to implement into your business right away. 

Identifying Burnout
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From Fizzled Out To
Fired Up

When you understand burnout as a real estate agent and how to identify it, you’re ready to take your business to the next level. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to use your self-care and wellness strategies to boost your business.

  • Strategies for lead generation based on self-care. 

  • Establishing boundaries to keep from fizzling out. 

  • Resources to maintain healthy work-life balance. 

  • Including your clients in your self-care strategy. 

  • Time management strategies to keep from overworking. 


Fizzled Out to Fired Up

Ask About Additional Services + Presentations

Please reach out to discuss the options that would work best for your association or brokerage. There are many ways to customize wellness offerings for yourself and your agents, as well as, additional services to support wellness year-round. 

Improve Productivity with Crucial Self-Care Strategies

Turning Chaos Into Calm

The Role as a Leader in Preventing Burnout in the Workplace

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