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Building A Burnout Prevention Plan

An overview of the Burnout Prevention Plan workshop

This workshop aims to equip real estate agents with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy work-life balance and enhance their overall job satisfaction. Some benefits of participating include:

More sustainable business

Physical and mental well-being

Better self-care routine

Enhanced time-management

Established boundaries


Stress management skills

Better work/life balance

Stressed Man


Tired and rundown, unfulfilled, and anxious about their business, they begin to question their entire career in real estate. So many agents run on a never-ending hamster wheel and don't know how to get off. These are signs that they are likely experiencing symptoms of career burnout. I'm here to tell you - there's another way to success in real estate. Many real estate agents are struggling to keep up, feeling like they're just going through the motions and afraid they won't be able to build or sustain their business for the long haul. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

It's time to build a plan to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being while building a real estate business. 

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What exactly is included?

This workshop is designed to provide the tools and resources necessary to reframe real estate agent thinking and arm them with everything they need to support their business in a healthier way. 

Development of a burnout prevention plan
Self-care strategies
Overcoming limiting beliefs exercise
Time-blocking schedule + examples
Accountability support 
Building support systems
One to two Roundtables
Scripts for setting boundaries
Wellness resource recommendations
Understanding importance of incorporating wellness into a real estate business 
Identifying burnout triggers
Reading list recommendations

Help your agents reignite their career and operate their business in a more sustainable way.

Navigating the ups and downs of the real estate industry with support for physical, mental, and emotional well-being transforms lives and businesses. 


One word: empowering. You really don't realize how much you need to sometimes disconnect to reconnect back into your business. I've taken a few great tidbits and I'm applying them to my everyday routine.

- Marta L.

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